Integrity, Perseverance, and Drive To Make Property Dreams A Reality

At Rair Capital, we’re proud of our company, team, and loyal customers. We believe in our core values and dedicate our time and energy toward ensuring property dreams come true. This is our vision.

Skilled Collaborators

Our team of skilled collaborators work alongside other loan companies and provide top-tier lending solutions. These partnerships allow us to leverage our skills and resources to help our clients. 


At Rair Capital, we are goal-oriented. Our team understands that effort is needed to ensure our clients obtain the loan they need to kick start or further their dreams. Yet, we won’t sacrifice our vision to meet the status quo, and our clients are better for it.

Seizing Growth Opportunities

Company growth is important to each individual at Rair Capital. Our team operates with scale in mind and aims to build leverage through our unique technological processes and skills. This growth will further our vision of becoming a national and international leader in the lending industry.


To Become A National And International Leader In The Lending Industry

Our company’s vision is to be viewed as a reputable and trusted results-driven Financial Services Technology (FinTech) platform. We want to be the go-to choice for small to large businesses and commercial real estate owners. To achieve this goal, we will become one of the best commercial lenders in the US and internationally through our user-friendly online portal that automates and simplifies the lending process. We want to provide financial solutions that have been custom-tailored to fit each of our client’s goals, needs, and dreams. 


Nurturing Integrated Partnerships To Ensure Success

Unlike other commercial lending companies, Rair Capital promises clients a cleaner, simpler, and significantly more streamlined borrowing process because of the expertise of our team, as well as the expertise of our partners. Our partners include Loan X Mortgage, C3 CRE, and Corbo Ventures. 

We promise real estate owners and small to large businesses a higher chance of getting approved. Best of all, our customers won’t need to wait long for a response, nor will they be required to attend numerous meetings just to secure a commercial loan.