The Strategic Affiliation of Rair Capital: Delivering Comprehensive Real Estate Solutions

Rair Capital has established strategic affiliations with some of the leading players in the commercial real estate industry. The company is associated with C3 CRE, LLC and Corbco Ventures, LLC. These affiliations allow Rair Capital to offer a comprehensive range of commercial real estate services that can help clients achieve their goals in commercial real estate brokerage, and commercial development and investments.

Corbco Ventures, LLC: Commercial Development and Investments

Rair Capital’s affiliation with Corbco Ventures, LLC enables the company to offer commercial development and investment services in Michigan and nationwide. Corbco Ventures, LLC has a proven track record of success in developing commercial properties and investments. With their expertise, Rair Capital can help clients identify profitable investment opportunities and guide them through the process of acquiring and developing commercial properties.

Corbco Ventures

Corbco Ventures, LLC is a commercial real estate development company that invests in commercial real estate, cannabis & CBD, retail & restaurants, technology, and many other areas. As a modern-day investment company, Corbco Ventures has built a positive reputation with clients and partners because of its impressive expertise, morals, and ethics. This revolutionary company always has its clients’ best interests in mind and puts them first by finding properties clients desire while supplying the market with new products. Led by a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, Corbco Ventures is set to have a prominent influence in the commercial real estate industries throughout Michigan, nationally, and worldwide.

C3 CRE, LLC: Vertically-Integrated Commercial Real Estate Services

The strategic affiliation between Rair Capital and C3 CRE, LLC allows the company to provide comprehensive commercial real estate services to its clients. With the expertise of C3 CRE, LLC, Rair Capital can offer brokerage services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or lease a commercial property, Rair Capital has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process.


C3 CRE, LLC is a professional brokerage company specializing in numerous fields, including retail, cannabis, industrial, and other commercial assets. C3 CRE was founded with scaling in mind, which is why it is vertically integrated with its affiliated leading brands – Corbco Ventures, LLC and Rair Capital. With this network of companies, C3 CRE can focus on long-term outcomes for the company’s development and the future success of its clients. By offering selling and buying opportunities, C3 CRE is able to continue developing to help clients reach their real estate and/or business potential.